All actions centrally managed 

Never search for action lists again: everything in 1 place 

Meetings are held in many companies. Often everyone takes their own notes, and sometimes there is a report or action list. But where do you save it? 

too-doo® gives the possibility to record all actions during the meeting and assign them to staff members. Everyone gets to see his / her actions in a personal dashboard. 

At the next meeting you can quickly see which actions are still open from previous meetings. 

Processes clearly defined

Processes are the heart of your company. Do you know them enough? 

We start from a company card, where all processes are defined. Process owners can describe their processes via turtle diagrams. A simple way to define the main elements of a process on 1 page. 

Process steps, KPIs, risks, opportunities, documents and who-does-what in your organization become clear to everyone. 

The power of too-doo® is the ability to link actions to certain process parameters, such as risks. In this way you ensure that something is actually done about certain situations. 

Continuous monitoring of quality

Measuring is knowing …… 

There is a need to control a number of things. We call these internal audits within ISO systems. 

Set up your audit program via too-doo®, assign auditors and perform the audits. 

At the end of the audit your report is finished. The process owners are informed about the problems and deviations and too-doo® ensures that the deviations are solved by helping the process owners with the necessary steps. 

Suppliers can also be continuously evaluated and too-doo® even draws up an “application for improvement” when the supplier performs less well. 

In a well-arranged dashboard you immediately see where action needs to be taken and where optimizations or adjustments are needed. 



Continuously improve together

The entire team on the move to perform better together 

Optimizations do not come from individuals, but from the entire team. 

too-doo® offers the user clear dashboards that constantly provide an up-to-date picture of the efficiency and quality level within the various business processes and the actions that are still open. 

too-doo® sends you messages, if necessary, to remind you that there are still actions waiting for you    

Waarom too-doo®?

  • 100% safe and 99, 99% uptime guaranteed
  • ISO 9001 compliant
  • Free trial version
  • Available 24/7 from any location
  • Manage and audit an unlimited number of processes
  • Everyone can propose process improvements through the feedback module


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